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Art Classes

Classes have successfully moved to running online via zoom, and before you dismiss the idea of an online art class, please consider the following:​ 

  • My classes are intentionally not webinars, they are zoom meetings and are interactive in so far as is possible.

  • The number of students is limited to no more than I would allow in a physical class in my studio.


  • I provide personal feedback to each student who attends.


  • At the end of each art class you will be given access to a recording of that class for you to review at your leisure and engage in further practice if required.


  • There are various classes to suit different student requirements, from follow along step-by-step drawing classes, to painting classes covering a variety of subjects and techniques.


  • You don't need to have any previous drawing or painting experience to start attending the majority of my online art classes.


  • You decide what level of interaction suits you in the class



So, please get in touch if you think you might be interested in trying an online art class. I would be very happy to talk to you and help you find the right artistic route for you!



Learn to draw or improve your drawing skills in these very relaxing step-by-step, follow along sessions. Adult classes suitable for all abilities, with a choice of two class times.

6 week course             € 72




Learn how to paint or improve your techniques in follow along interactive sessions covering different subjects and mediums. Various classes and times.


6 week course             € 72 

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Due to the pandemic these classes are currently suspended, but please check in again for updates. As soon as government guidelines allow for safe operation, we will be back in the studio! 


Kids & Teen Art

Saturday classes to suit appropriate age groups, with an emphasis on imagination and creativity. Interactive and with limited numbers.

6 week online course

Per household fee      € 55