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Looking for a creative outlet?


Never painted before and don't know where to start?


Wanting to improve your painting skills?

What They Say....

  • Eammon S

    "Hi Helen, I thought I might take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for the wonderful fun times I've had in your art class. Not only has it brightened up Monday's but I've also learned a skill that gives me the deepest satisfaction. Your patience is also much appreciated."

  • Margaret R

    "Going into art class on Monday mornings is one of life's great pleasures. We have great fun and learn so much. Helen is so full of talent, is always cheerful and positive. She is always encouraging no matter what level you are at. I've personally learned a lot.  Thanks Helen"

  • Helen B

    "The art class provides me with a sense of belonging, it facilitates me to be creative, but most of all I am constantly inspired by Helen's artistic talents, and the enjoyable way the class is delivered."

  • Helen C

    "I enjoy my class so much because Helen is such an inspirational teacher. The fact that I didn't need any previous experience or special skills really attracted me to her class. The creative, encouraging and friendly atmosphere in her workshop has given me the confidence to produce my own individual mosaic artworks."

My Method

The main principle behind my teaching method is that if you enjoy what you are doing you will want to do more of it and, if you do more of it, (with a little guidance), you will naturally improve. It is as simple as that! In my art classes students are encouraged to explore their creativity while developing painting skills at a pace that feels comfortable for each individual.

In the normal studio environment students work on the style they wish to pursue in the medium they initially prefer. As things progress I will try to gently open them up to new possibilities and techniques. At present we are operating zoom classes only and by necessity these adopt a follow along approach where everyone creates their version of the same subject.


For beginners, the art class is an exploration of their individual creative potential as much as it is a technical learning experience. For the more advanced painters who often become ‘stuck’ at a particular level, I can help introduce new skills, challenges, and achievable goals to move them on to the next level.


All of my art classes are run within a fun, yet professional, environment. For those students that wish to be involved, there are regular exhibitions, talks, and events outside of the class setting. Alternatively, the painting class may simply be your opportunity to become absorbed, relax, and lose yourself in your own creativity.

There are both daytime and evening art classes at various times during the week and weekend workshops once a month. Due to demand, in addition to the adult art classes, I have introduced children’s and young adult art sessions.


Whatever level you are at, I can help. Please check out further testimonials below and contact me if you want to take things further.



'Helen's classes are great fun, and very sociable. Her care and attention brings out the creative best in all of us. I've learned I can actually paint!'

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