Up and running!

My art studio has been in lockdown for most of 2020 and in 2021. No classes, no chatter or shared jokes.....I really miss the people!!! The move to embrace the era of internet learning was challenging but has been enjoyable! I set up studio in a corner of my kitchen and zoom away all week! Early on I made the decision not to go down the path of the zoom webinar. Instead, I chose to use zoom meetings and make the classes as interactive as possible, giving individual student feedback and limiting student numbers to no more than I would take in a physical studio class.

There are a range of Adult painting and drawing classes where I lead the sessions in a step-by-step fashion and students follow my prompts. The classes look at different techniques and styles of drawing and painting. We study still life, portraiture, landscape and sea scenes. The drawing class has looked at pencil sketching, charcoal, pen study, colouring pencils and pastels. On Saturdays the youth art classes are split into age appropriate groups ranging from 7-18yrs and look at skills and techniques, alongside using the imagination in our creativity. Anyone can join at any point in a term and you don't need any experience. Why not have a go ? It's a great way to fill an evening or morning with a little chat and art!

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